display picture.

a picture that appears by a persons name on an instant messenger or forum.
friend 1: heeeey look at my dp

friend 2: yaaay it's us ^^

by manic-182 January 12, 2007
dp as in display picture. Only used on IM, like MSN.
Ally says: like mi dp??

Bernie says: y the fuk wud i want 2 see a pic of u naked?!
by x_ally October 15, 2006
Dorm Pussy. Young sluts who live in the dorms at any given college are known as DP.
Damn, look at all the DP at this party.
by Meatwad April 07, 2006
Divine Protection (World of Warcraft). A spell that a Paladin can cast on him/herself once every 5 minutes that makes them immune to all damage and removes all effects, and it last 10 seconds.

Generally referred to as a "bubble", or "to bubble"

Sometimes used in battlegrounds to secure the flag in Warsong Gulch or to "Bubble-hearth", a (usually seen as very cowardly) to their Hearthstone location out of fights, raids or groups.
"I had to chase Wanda all the way to the flag room because she DP'ed."

"I was almost slaughtered by a gang of Murlocs, but I DP'ed and ran."
by Divyblaze March 10, 2006
Dom Perignon. Said by College kids, even though they can rarely afford it.
You graduated from Miss Porter's? We should open a bottle of dp!
by ALEXfromExeter July 25, 2005
stands for dink pit which is actually a massive landfill in farrens vagina
wow farren.....u really have an enourmous dp i mean wyatts home theatre system fits prfectly!!
by Charissa December 25, 2007
Delicious Pussy (of a woman)
there is some dp on the radio dude !
look at that dp!
by Rico March 31, 2005

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