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The opposite direction of the upwardly mobile, Inspiring to move down in life oppose to up. Facination with being ignorant, poor and assed out on the street. The strange direction black urban culture has taken. Anybody who purposly writes messages like - "ayee mah wutz goot wit chew, eyz $eenz y3h pr0falz an$z $33n tat u aintz god no manz h011a ach y3h ni99a!"
Even though i didnt grow up in or around the hood, i am downwardly mobile and will forgo any oppurtunity and act like the white/black/latino trash i always wanted to be.
Hiphop today, what has happened to Bet television, Why every group of immigrants integrate and leave the hood but black folk have been there for 150years
by jerzeesneed August 10, 2007
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