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When engaging in anal sex thrust balls deep when your partner is unsuspecting, and at that very same moment take out there arms. When they bash the ground say "you've been downtown browned", ejaculate then get ready to run like hell!
I heard last night Mr. Folland gave joe a huge downtown brown, i havent seen joe since!

I totally gave Shawn's mom a downtown brown last night, she was super pissed.
by Saxon McCormick April 16, 2008
10 22
When a girl goes down on you.
Example 1:

Feese:yo nigga you hit that last nite or what.
Guy:Naw bitch went downtown brown tho.

Example 2:

Guy: Whats sup with some Downtown Brown Right Now
Kristyn: DOWNTOWN BROWN!! YEAH!! (gets on her knees precedes to go downtown brown)

by RIGGSSSSS January 04, 2007
9 25