When you got what you ain't supposed to have!
My first date was when I showed you my downstairs mix up!
by K+C June 07, 2007
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a more appropriate way of saying one has a mangina
You've seen my downstairs mixup, you must love me!
by JillH September 21, 2010
British origin


see also junk
Greg- Do you love me?

Paul- I don't know you.

Greg- Oh you know me. You've seen my downstairs mixup.

Paul- Yeah, well I didn't ask to see that, did I.
by bobby le deuche November 19, 2008
your underside junk, commonly referred to by old greg as a mangina

occasionally is illuminated
"what about the boat times?"
"those weren't really times that was more of an exposure"
"you saw my downstairs mix-up"
by 0ld greg January 10, 2009

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