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this is the brokest school ever with some of the most worthless people attending it. 90% of ignorant fucks in this world attend this high school and join together to form the loudest and most obnoxios noises in this world, these morons repeat this every passing period. a big part of this group of kids are african american (not being racists by any means, but i did recognize this pattern!), or well to do white kids that pretend they come from a troubled past because they too like to be loud and ignorant, these "wiggers" are mostly born with a silver spoon in thier mouth but spit it out when they get to about the jr high age. pretty much the rest of the remaining kids in the school think that they are the coolest things to walk the earth and act like thier shit doesnt think but in fact they are some of the biggest twats ive ever met in my life. in this group ive included the dumb ass "bandos" (as i like to call them) are a bunch of no talent assholes who decided that they suck at everything in life except for making outrageous noises that they think is in some sort of tune, when in fact they suck at that too. they then go on to making a band out of thier fuckin garage and think this will make them famous and make everyone love them, which just this thought makes me hate them more. LBC has been the only good band that has come from this school, thats like 1 in a gazillion, so for you fuckin bandos, give it up!there are on the other hand a hand full of people that i will say are cool people and do not fit into the other 99.9% of people. o yes, i almost forgot the sluts. a bunch of the fakest people in the world again, heavily populated in out school. trully, i dont think that i have to explain them much because all schools have them. now for the staff, some of the staff people are good and legitimate teachers and i respect them for that, i think they should have some sort of compensation for doing something good, but in a school like DGS, you cant expect them to appriciate the few good things, there too busy trying to cover up fucked up people then to recognize the good, but for you teachers, you should have self glorification for helping out the future. well let me tell you about the "other" staff members, the "others" are just twisted, for instance some offer to buy beer for thier female students if they can in return party with them. other teachers will occasionally show up at a party you are at and get wasted with you (this is due to common sibling friends) but never-the-less, this is a very awkward expirience. and last, but by no means least, there is a certain gym teacher (better known for is LUCKY coaching on the side) who thrives off of failing seniors and will at all costs avoid confrontation. im not going to put my word on it, but there are rumors that he REALLY likes some of his female students, if you catch my drift. heres some food for thought, he is married to a former student quite a bit younger then him, the strangest coinsidence happened, they started "dating" on the day of her graduation! how convienent.
Each day I spend at DGS, I am that much closer to killing myself!
by Hugh Jaynus March 21, 2005
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