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A common type of Ecstasy
Last night I took four Doves. I looked like I was chewing a bag of spanners.
by halvinpete February 27, 2004
20" chrome rims fo ya pimp mobile!
don't let rimshiner's shine your doves
Woah! check out those doves man!
by Miles May 27, 2003
The common word for 20" rims. Widely used on the West coast of USA. New Yorkers tend to use dubs
See me benz on doves???
by jessie September 11, 2003
The band that has written the best song that strangely even Radiohead tracks cannot beat - Black and White Town.
when i heard black and white town by the doves for the first time, i hyperventilated, got goosebumps and just thought it was art.
by Gerri April 15, 2005
A wonderful band that most people only know one song from: Black and white town (which is an extremely kick butt song)

Their songs Pounding, Catch the sun, and there goes the fear, usually tempt you to get up and do some kind of psycho dance.

The songs Sea song, last broadcast and someday soon make you want to stand outside in freezing cold weather and watch rain or snow fall.
doves: the best band ever to hit the face of the planet.
by cloudshine July 22, 2008
Giving "doves" to someone is a blessing of peace and love, usually accompanied by a peace sign.
This stems from the white dove, the bird of peace and love.
Jon: "See you later man!"
Sam: "Doves my brother!"
by DankBlowfish June 05, 2014
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