Delicious pastry which usually has icing and sprinkles on it...mmmmm yum
Homer Simpson: there anything they can't do?
by love child March 05, 2005
Sweet, rounded baked good, typically glazed with a sweet maple flavoured frosting. Known in Canada to satisfy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack requirements.
"Let's go to Tim Horton's for some doughnuts and coffees"
by omfgwallhax July 19, 2006
A baked good, usually circular, commonly consumed by Police Officers, usually with coffee.
Doughnut Abuse and Rotundity Elimination

DARE to keep cops off doughnuts.
by ltdrifter February 02, 2003
Slang for a dead person. Commonly used in episodes of the tv show Supernatural.
What? We can't talk to him. He's dead. He's a doughnut.
by SKrainbows January 22, 2011
A word gaining popularity in many elite marijuana smoking circles, describing the appearance of the bowlpiece to a smoking apparatus once the last smoker has cleared the bowl of any remaining marijuana. The result is a circluar ring of ash with a hole in the middle, resembling a doughnut.
Example A:

Smoker 1: "Man, hand me the bowl."
(Smoker 2 looks down at the bowl and notices that he's cleared it.)
Smoker 2: "I doughnuted it, man."

Example B:

Smoker 1: "Nigga, 'sthere anything left up in that muthafucka?"
Smoker 2: "Naw, son. That shits's a doghnut, nigga."
by KronikMa$trrr January 27, 2009
a pussy with a lot of hair around it. Also called a hairy taco, bearded clam, or donut (the American spelling). Some people believe the doughnut or donut was popularized in Japanese porn, although it seems to have a special place of love or hatred in all societies and cultures. In J-porn, often a young, innocent girl who receives a bukkake will have a donut which will get covered in splooge. Antonymns: scrunt, shaven, mumou, gunche, the sphinx

Amy: Beware, John. I have a doughnut.
John: It's okay, I like a hairy bush.

Look how hairy her arms are. I'll bet she has a donut.

Don't go down on that girl, she's got a donut.
by Pigslut Master February 28, 2008
people that seem to be a little slow in the head can be described as 'doughnuts' or 'doughnut heads' as the jam in the uppermost part of the body of a vertebrate is a metaphor for brain and the subject's skull and the dough is metaphorically speaking the head itself. Usual response to the comment includes 'what are you on about', 'ou, why did you just hit me' and 'stop it, I'm calling the police'.
when someone does something stupid - you say oi you doughnut
by walking dictionary March 10, 2005
a guy that is really hot or "delicious" but is really "bad for you", as in they are a jerk, or player
Ana-"He is soo hot but he completly blew me off last night"
Me- " I told you to stay away from doughnuts."
by A.r.P June 18, 2007

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