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Delicious pastry which usually has icing and sprinkles on it...mmmmm yum
Homer Simpson: Doughnuts...is there anything they can't do?
by love child March 05, 2005
A prostitute, escort or hooker. So named because in order to get your nut you must give up the dough first.
I'm getting to the age where I'm gonna have to start picking up doughnuts on street corners to ever get laid.
by Cyanide Cynic December 30, 2004
object used for the trading of sexual favors between a girl who hasn't eaten anything all day because of work, and a pothead who is in possession of said doughnut
"I haven't eaten anything all day, ill do anything for that doughnut"
by the meows May 03, 2010
To give someone nothing... For the hole in the middle of a doughnut meaning zero.
I tried to chat her up but she gave me complete doughnuts.
by kidrex March 28, 2007
a cake like food which can be circular with a hole in the middle, spherical with various traditional cake like fillings or iced with various icing flavours
The Simpsons- Homer- Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm doughnuts, arrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (dribble dribble)
by mckenzie geeza March 20, 2005
Delicious circular object
Used to throw at people as long as they are jelly filled and stale....CODY
"He didn't text you back?!"
"Throw a doughnut at him"
by DOUGHNUTLOVAS November 10, 2011
Sweet, rounded baked good, typically glazed with a sweet maple flavoured frosting. Known in Canada to satisfy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack requirements.
"Let's go to Tim Horton's for some doughnuts and coffees"
by omfgwallhax July 19, 2006
This is what you receive when having sex with a girl with a yeast infection.
Stay away from Trixie. She be bakin' bread and might get some doughnuts instead.
by Dietsch October 18, 2008