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Not related to douche bag. Referring to a bag of Dough. Usually meaning your a pussy, who couldn't buy him self some pussy, and in result, sucks dick instead.
He is truly a Dough Bag.
Johnny cakes got denied by that scabies infested hooker again, i think he might be a dough bag.
by Andrew Suthapuss March 19, 2007
the two sacks of flesh between your legs if your a man
kathy sucked on my dough bags while she gave me oral sex
by Nate H Froggy September 28, 2011
a fat douchebag.
Guy Fieri is a doughbag.
by C-slice August 13, 2010
She started scratching on my doughbag-I said hold up a second!
by dr wolfgang von bushwick May 29, 2003