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Cash Money, a token or object that functions as exchange value that is socially and legally accepted in payment for goods and serices.

see doe
I spent all my dough on a new whip.
by gbrd December 17, 2007
The doughy-like substance that accumulates on ones scrotum sac and chode/taint/gooch.
Mom! Jimmy just wiped dough on my teeth!
by doughysack August 04, 2010
The act of snapping and pounding someones head twice HARD after they say something completely ridiculous or stupid.
"Yo, Gimme my dough" (snaps and pounds on head of Sam B)
by sammmmmmmb. September 04, 2009
Dough is a common way to misspell the proper name Doug. There are two very frequent occasions that you will find this form of misspelling.
1. Hispanic population – especially when ordering late night fast food at Whataburger and they have to ask you for your name to call your order when it is ready.
2. A typo on the keyboard because the letter h is right next to g so people type the word Doug, but accidentally add the h at the end. Spell check cannot pick this up because dough is still a word.
When I get my food at Whataburger and look at the order bag, it almost always says Dough.
by Just another Doug February 28, 2008
Hot underage girl, aka lolita, jailbait. Especially, if she has a hot older sister who is a biscuit, and a mother who is a scone. Based on the maiden (dough), mother (biscuit), crone (scone) archetypes.
Some day that dough will make a fine biscuit!
by wehrlock December 23, 2004
to punch, to hit
Homes 'bout to get doughed in the face.
by Randi December 21, 2003
nickname for the cool fat guy
"Hey, you know where Dough is?"
"I think he went out for a bite."
"Oh. Well I'm gonna have a nap."
by -0/\0- May 01, 2003