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A D-list cougar; typically exemplified by unbecoming characteristics such as acne, weight problems, or a huge ass.Dougars tend to deny their dougar status.
by tom porter February 23, 2008
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A dumb cougar; the cross between a cougar and a complete idiot.
I asked that dougar where she's from and it took her at least 25 seconds to respond.

I asked that dougar if she wanted a tequilla shot and she said that she doesn't like needles.
by Sos76 May 31, 2009
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Pronounced (doo-gar): Dood-Cougar. A male version of a Cougar. An older male you seeks out partners who are half his age +7 years old or younger.
Steve is 40 years old, but his new girlfriend is 19. This makes Steve a Dougar.
by glorybgreen September 13, 2009
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imagine a cross between a duck and a cougar then put it on somebody's face. Its like when your somewhere and see somebody and you stop whatever your doing and say
"did i just.......
what is that .....
what happened...... o my god!!!"
and you know u just got to take another look
that dougar over there must have gotten punched in the face or somethin, cause DAMN thats ugly.
by burpstein October 24, 2006
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