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An insult mixing the words douchebag and faggot. Used on homos who are assholes, or if you just really want to insult someone.
Tim:shut the hell up douchfag!

Bill: Sorry, but it was such a cute shirt!
by Kagato August 05, 2007
A comination of the word douch bag and the word Fag often pionted as an insalt .. but can also mean that a gay guy uses a douch baag
Matieu is a douch fag
by BSnipes57 May 08, 2009
A slime ball; A persons actions that far exceeds a douch bag were as could ruin a wet-dream, also with a questionable sexuality...
Man that Dave is a douch-fag....
by R.J. Lighting September 14, 2007
douch fag what a gay man uses to clean out his ass
dude josh is such a douch fag

dude nice
An individual who is both a "fag" and a "douchebag"
Dude, Austin Piper is a total Douchfag!
by SIRMIDNIGHT May 25, 2010
A person who is neither a douch or fag but BOTH!
You douchfag
by DUR DUR DUR June 04, 2010
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