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a person (usually a guy) who smokes lots of weed, crappy weed, and has the traits of a douche bag and fronts; tries to act and dress ghetto even though he's from the 'burbs; refers to things/objects that he likes as "that's my sh*t!"; his eyes are rarely seen due to excessive squinting mixed with a non-intimidating "tough face"; can easily be beaten up and can be taken advantage of when it comes to paying for food/booze/weed; you'll smoke with him and he'll put on Bon Jovi; obsessed with keg-erators; wears hard-core sandals; uses cuss words excessively
Douchey stoner: "Are you watchin' Dunston Checks In? That movie's my sh*t "

Douchey stoner: "I love f*ckin chicks! Shit man, where's all the f*ckin' chicks motherf*cker?"
by ballsdeep112 August 02, 2011

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