A female douchebag, also a boy who's acting like a bitch.
Angela: You're a douchevag. I hate you.
Alex: Thanks.
by birthweekend2013 March 15, 2013
Top Definition
The epitomy of a douchebag. A man who is overly dramatic and catty like a female. Someone so douche-like they are also part vagina.
"Mike is such a douchevag. Sometimes I wonder whose vagina is larger, his or his mom's"
by what what October 26, 2007
The female equivalent of a douchebag. Typically reserved for a lesbian who is much too into herself and her 'gifts'.
Jozie: "I can get any bitch in this bar, man, just watch me. They all want some of this!"

Kat: "Why do all my girl friends have to be such douchevages?"
by MIDGAF July 01, 2013

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