A gril version of a douchebag, know to show off about their money and are hoplessly stupid when it comes to the easiest stuff, no to mention, they tan, drink too much, and get beat up later.
Girls like Snooki, or the women from the stupid wives tv shows that act like douchettes
by MoronMan22 June 24, 2011
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A douchette is the feminine form of a douche bag. A girl who is usually unintelligent, shallow and wears a lot of Abercrombie/preppy clothes.
"That party sucked, it was full of douchettes!"
by Bob Magala April 12, 2005
Alternative word for douche, in relation to a female who is displaying annoying tendencies.
Every female character on the Hills is the epitome of a douchette.

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton on their popular reality TV show The Simple Life popularized the identifying characteristics of a douchette.
by DarkSpirit82 June 05, 2009
A female douche bag.
She's been such a douchette lately.
by Hornby123 April 07, 2009
The feminine version of a douchebag. An unintelligent bimbo with enough self confidence for two people. Some characteristics of a douchette include talking about oneself, taking hundreds of mirror photos for Facebook or Myspace, being slutty all the time, wearing Hollister or American Eagle, and inhaling furious amounts of dick.

See also: she-douche
"So she had me come over to look at pictures she took of herself wearing her new Aeropostale shirt."
"What a douchette."

"Why is Jim's girlfriend always going around with puckered lips?"
"She's a douchette. Her face is frozen from sucking so much dick."
by MyArmIsAsleep August 10, 2009
The female version of a douchebag.
That chick from the Jersey Shore is such a douchette.
by Lp123 May 12, 2011
1. The act of a female displaying characteristics synonymous to being a douche.

2. The rare example of a female owning and exhibiting the normally "male douche gene".
what the hell is Kelly's problem? i picked a quarter up off the ground, and she accuses me of stealing? what a douchette!
by BS Bizzle February 20, 2010
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