They are the ultimate bastard. The super hybrid of a Douche Bag and a tool. They go above and beyond the regular terms of tool and Douche.
Yo! Kyle! Why are you such a douche-tool?!?!?!?
by gaaaaabbbbbz is cool September 04, 2009
Top Definition
The very rare merging of the commonly known douche and the largest known tool to man.

Signs that someone you know is a douchetool include:

They sporadically engage in random Tourette-like fist pumping.
They claim that they get many women when in fact they do not.
They proceed to change their facebook name to something that is different than their real name.
They are commonly known to flake on you if your not out on the lake because of their weird lake fetish.
Rony "Swisshouse" - Yo Swizzham check out mah facebook name!

Ashik "Swizzham" - Hell ya, let's fist pump to that Swishy Sweezy Swizz baby

Swizz Beatz - Fucking douchetools
when one won't suffice or a guy just deserves both, its easier to combine than waste your breath to say both.
That guy broke up with her but still stalks her, what a douchetool!!
by WouldYouLikeMeToKickYourAss? December 29, 2009
someone that sucks at life.
"Stop cutting me off you douche tool."
by Mission Maker February 28, 2006
Someone who is a combination of both a douche and a tool. A great example would be a lacrosse player who walks around with a button down shirt and a tie over his shoulder.
Person 1: That laxer is a shithead!
Person 2: I know! He's such a douche-tool!
by hey there pal December 06, 2010
Someone who acts like a douche and dresses like a tool.
Girl 1: Wow that guy dresses like he thinks he is super cool and he is so mean to everyone!

Girl 2: Yeah he is totally a douche-tool!
by D-Rock4 September 28, 2010
A mix of tools and douchebags that think they're fuckin hilarious, when they're just completely retarded and obnoxiously loud 24/7
god damn it, travis, ryan, jeremy and all of them, such douche tools!
by Anonymous66888 November 20, 2010
wears the same sweater every day
thinks he is the shizzle
is a douche
is a tool
has a pyramid head
me: that guy is friggin dumb dude
you: he's a douche tool.
me: i know, right?
by JohnPaulDCLXVI April 01, 2009
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