One who is acting as if they were better then everyone. Originating from the renown word doucheybutfucker its a more pg 13 version. It also represents a larger amount of annoyance or anger to the certain individual who is pestering you at that time.It also serves as a term to mess with your friends while there in front of a girl thus cock blocking them and rendering them unable to get laid
man Fernando im sick of Dontaye cock blockin me hes such a douchetasticbutpiratehomoqueer.

Ricardo Monteczuma Favela Chirado Heraldo Pepe is not a citizen but he is a douchetasticbutpiratehomoqueer

my girlfriend left me because she thinks im a douchetasticbutpiratehomoqueer
by cj red fuzzy hat gorillaz fan April 04, 2010

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