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Your classic mega douche who refuses perfectly good food on account of class 1 assholery. A douchetarian will find any way they possibly can to be a douche in any and all circumstances adhering to the principles of douchetarinitism.
Fuck that douchetarian. Let's troll him.
by Troll Master General November 16, 2011
Practice of only consuming douchè
Someone who has surpassed the level of douchèbag.

Douchè brother who is very into themselves.
Man Elliot, why do you have to be such a douchètarian?
by smarky.smark March 20, 2015
Somebody who harasses someone for being a vegetarian, even though said vegetarian doesn't shove their dietary habits down anyone's throats.
I didn't even say anything, and he was all "Hey, you know what would be great on that salad? Some VEAL!" What a douchetarian.
by 'Rixx March 01, 2009
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