a compound word consisting of the parts: douche and tard (condensed version of retard)
Our substitute teacher spent 10 minutes trying to pronounce the word "sedimentary". What an illiterate douche-tard.
by Elliott Webb November 22, 2004
Top Definition
An insulting term for someone who is simultaneously a "douche"
(i.e., an asshole, jerk, jackass) and a "retard." Expresses both unpleasantness of personality AND stupidity at once.
That asshole is too dumb to even come up with a coherent insult. What a douchetard.
by Mr. X April 04, 2005
A way to describe someone currently acting like a douche in an attempt to get them to rethink the actions they have taken in their life.
Habid, why are you being such a douchetard to the kind lovely and sweet lady who shows you nothing but love and affection?
by jossthegreat December 17, 2013
A person with the combined characteristics of a douchebag and a retard.
"Douchebag + Retard = Douchetard"

"Dude quit being a douchetard and lemme borrow your car."

"Douchetard + Asswipe = Bush"
by JizzmasterJohn January 28, 2010
Any individual that makes a statement that is so obnoxious that you can't decide between calling them a douche bag or a retard, so you call them a douche tard.
You're fat and it's kind of funny.

You're a douche tard. I'm skinnier than you.
by BigTimeDoucheTard January 10, 2010
One who possesses the dual qualities of a douche and a retard.
you are a douche-tard
by Tetherball May 07, 2009
The co-existence of douchebag and retard qualities in a person. Generally someone who fails to realize how stupid they are, and this lack of self awareness contributes to how amazingly annoying they are.
Bob: 2 + 3 = 6
Joe: no, its 5
Bob: no, its 6
Joe: no, its 5
Bob: I'm not gonna argue with you, it's 6. Why don't you go back to school and learn arithmetic. Or better yet, just count it out on your fingers.
Joe: You're such a douchetard
by W54th8X August 06, 2010
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