Another euphemism for the penis, cock, manroot. As in, douching someone with your douchestick.
Oh Baby, I'm really douching you out with my douchestick.

Yeah, you like that hard douching, sit back on my douchestick.
by chinrest October 20, 2011
Top Definition
Variant of dipstick. An utterly ineffective boob - someone who always manages to foul up in clutch situations.
I was wide open in the end zone! Why didn't you throw me the ball, douchestick?
by lardlad February 14, 2007
The name for electronic cigarettes and/or vape smoking devices. Mainly named this because people who smoke them are total douche bags.
Dude, don't smoke that douche stick around me.

Haha, check that clown out rockin' the Ed Hardy and hitting the douche stick!
by TheRealReal March 04, 2014
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