(n): a mustache grown to make one wonder, "Is this person a douchebag?"

(n): mustache worn by a known douchebag that ruins all mustaches for a person
ugh, great, now that douchestache ruins all facial hair for me.

ohhhh lord look at his mustache.
mustache? more like a douchestache.
by wildblueeyes November 23, 2010
Top Definition
Douchestache: sparcially grown or overgrown facial hair combined with an overall douchebag personality.
There's that dude with the 1 week douchestache hitting on my girlfriend again. I ran him off an hour ago.
by Darth Jerome September 21, 2006
Thin barely mustache frequently found on prepubescent boys who want to feel manlier than they actually are.
"Dude, I didn't shave yesterday or today"-Guy 1

"I can tell, you totally have a douche-stache right now"-Guy 2
by dr ew April 17, 2009
A douche stache is that half-grown in mustache that guys attain usually in junior high or highschool, although it is not limited to this timeframe. Those with a douche stache often try to grow it out, to no real results. These people often give off a vibe of "Yeah, that's right. You see this stache. You WISH you were cool enough to have this stache." But everyone sees them and really thinks "Wow. That mustache is gross. What a douche..."
that one random teen guy you knew in highschool with the slightly faded mustache aka the douche stache
by Thesadtruthofthematter March 24, 2011
That stache that a persian guy has every day that you wish to have you show you got some balls
"Man dat guy has got a douchestache i would rate 8/8 m8"
Women: "I would fhuk that m8 with that 8/8 douchestache"
by NotGabensLover July 16, 2015
Mustache or facial hair that makes you look like an asshole.
That man has a douchestache.
by Sbi_Lynnie January 10, 2016
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