A word used to described an intolerable person. Like a popcicle, only, instead of grape or strawberry, frozen extra-cleansing vinegar douche.
Boy, that guy Steve is such a douche-sicle!
by TheycallmeSpecialK August 12, 2011
Top Definition
Basically just a douche or douche bag but to an amount of wimpiness/un-manliness you cant even come close to understanding.
Dude, Stewart is such a fucking douchesicle, when we tipped that portapotty he ran off and hid in his house for hours.

See that kid getting beat up? He's the biggest douchesicle in out school.
by Socram November 23, 2006
douche bag on a popsicle stick
comes in many flavors including new car, evergreen, and cherry
hey hand me a douchesicle
man, you are such a douchesicle, i hate you
by Melanie Anderson September 07, 2007
The urban dictionary editor that did not approve upitdy for me.
Wow for whatever reason this DoucheSicle editor over at urban dictionary did not approve the word upidy for me.
by JonIsAwesome February 12, 2014
n. Someone who is so douchey to the point where you HAVE to say “sicle” after “douche”
Alex is SUCH a douchesicle!
by MasatoKaibara4ever November 16, 2013
Adj. A word used to describe a person that is beyond a douchebag.
Person 1: That son of a bitch just cut me off!

Person 2: Smash into that Douchesicle and pee on his unconscious face!
by J.L. Beardsley September 06, 2008
To freeze vinegar and water in a phallic shape for the purpose of sucking and/or practicing falacio.
Lets make douchesicles tonight!
by Laura the Explorer November 30, 2008
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