A showering or cleansing of the World on an awesome or catastrophic scale; resulting in evil and/or eternal foul smell.

"Sign of the coming douchepocalypse" or "The douchepocalypse is upon us."
by novacodova March 07, 2009
Top Definition
A large gathering of douches or douchebags
Jim: Were you at the book signing at the mall yesterday?

Tim: Yeah, it was a toatal douchepocalypse in there!
by gman98 May 12, 2010
When a non douche is in a surrounding area of a bunch of douches.

Coined by Barney Stinson 5/10/10 (How I Met Your Mother)
Barney-- "One word made up, Douche-pocalypse."
by Raiken May 10, 2010
a multitude of douchery
loyola highschool is a douchepocalypse
by chet mcdreamy June 10, 2010
1: When you're in a place or situation that is similar to the idea of hell/armageddon/apocalype due to complete disinterest/dislike in the ongoing activities/people.
If a rich city guy walks into a hick town bar with a couple freinds and saw all the hillbillies. "One word guys.....Douchepocalypse"

If a group of cool kids/jocks accidently walk into in a nerd convention on calculators. They would say "Its a douchepocalypse"
by Altazink May 12, 2010
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