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When a publication, particularly a periodical, "jumps the shark" and publishes articles showing a trend towards radicalization of their editorial concept, in an attempt to shock readers and sell magazines, but instead creating a backlash that gets those involved with publishing said magazine called douchebags and worse. When a publication becomes a douchemag it ceases to be relevant in the popular culture.
Rolling Stoned publishing the Boston bomber Tsarneyev on the cover made them a douchemag.

Recoil magazine publishing the comment that comment about civilians not needing a certain gun sure made them a douchemag, and it almost ended the magazine.
by Bob5000 July 18, 2013
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Someone who constantly draws in completely douche individuals despite trying NOT to. Whether it be shitty boyfriends, unreliable friends, or OCD co-workers, a douchemag seems to be the powerhouse magnet who brings them ALL of them into their lives.
"Miranda must be a complete and total douchemag! Her newest boyfriend stole her checkbook to pay a hooker!"

"I'm pretty convinced I'm a douchemag because I can't count on any of my lame ass friends."
by Blisslyke April 21, 2009

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