King/queen of douchbags
Kriya is a douchelord! :)
by Ravi.V May 19, 2011
Ruler of all that is douchey; a.k.a the male race
Wow. He hasn't called me back. What a douche lord.
by melcourt August 24, 2010
Someone who is arrogant, and selfish, does what they want at all cost to others feelings etc., and has a false sense of self perception! manipulative bastards who see women as little more then sexual objects. they will pretend to the perfect guy, spend money on women, and do any form of manipulation to get what they want from a woman. insensitive, controlling, and will treat women like sex objects. This person is a man's man, guys rule, he will also get his friend's to participate in his games that he play's with women. The consequential bad friend, the one who ruins others relations for his own purpose, and self gain. A douchelord is the person who will gain what they want at all cost, to anyone, friends,family, and especially women. This person is king of all douche's.
Did you see that tammy and max are divorcing? I guess max was out with his friend derek again,and they went to the club, and stayed out all night. I guess max cheated again. He only does this when he is with that douchelord friend of his, derek!

Do not go home with dane. He is only being nice to you, and buying your drinks, so he can take you home and sleep with you. He is a such a douchelord!
by micka73 December 07, 2012
someone that is the king of all douches, total prick, and may have the name Brad.
The douchelord Brad walked to his home on wheels.
by queenie 22 April 19, 2011
The next step in the hierarchy of douche's. There is your regular douche-bag, then there is a souche-lord. Someone who goes above and beyond to be an ass
"I was thinking of giving him another chance when two girls said they hooked-up with him in one night."

"What a douche-lord"
by katwoman007 February 24, 2010
a guy who breaks up with his girlfriend claiming he needs to be single but actually just wants to sleep with her noncommittally.
You know that guy on the baseball team who just broke up with his girl? Yeah, well he totally still tries to rail her. What a douchelord!
by john do harden May 14, 2010
A landlord who repeatedly violates the 24-hour notification rule by showing up at your rental unannounced.
"Shit, the landlord is here!" you say.

"Did that pud call first?" I say.

"No." you say.

"Oh, that's the douchelord." I say. "Don't let him in."
by Chic Swank November 02, 2010

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