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(Noun) The creepy facial hair style worn by really annoying one-upping faggots.

Can also refer to the person wearing said style.
Wow, chad just tried to tell me he has the hottest girlfriend ever, what a douchegoat.
by DomBaz53 December 07, 2009
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someone who always has to one-up everyone else
Friend 1: dude i just ate the hottest wings ever

douchegoat: no, this one time i had these wings that were sooo hot

friend 3: ......friend 2 is such a douchegoat

Example 2

friend 1"my new system in my car is sick ive got a"....douchegoat interrupts and says"man i have a system in my car that is sooo loud man it will make your ears bleed". -douchegoat
by jimboslice23 December 07, 2009

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