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when you have a bro who is also a total douchebag. Basically your stereotypical fratboy Big and with muscles and wears really tight polo shirts with popped collars and way too much cologne. Looks down on other people who are not his fellow bros and thinks he is God's gift to the universe. Most likely has has some form of venereal disease at some point, and will tell girls whatever they want to hear to get them to sleep with them.
hey man, Stacey must not have very good BrONAR cuz that dude she is with is such a douchebro...he's only telling her what she wants to hear so he can get to sharpen her with his pork sword. She thinks he's sincere but he's only interested in the hump'n'dump.
by shoelace August 05, 2008
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A combination of the terms douche bag and dude bro, which describes an even more annoying type of person than each term used singularly.
This type of person was/is probably in a fraternity. They may hold an esteemed position at a company. He is a pompous asshole. However, he is also fun. He likely surfs, shotguns beers, and smokes weed. He probably spits on the sidewalk and talks too loud to his clients/friends on his cell phone in a quiet place like post office or elevator.
My coworker, Zac, just tried to high five me after yelling at our waitress for forgetting his side of fries that he never even ordered. That guy is such a douche bro.
by jessicagay October 20, 2009
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1.a friend, or someone being given the benefit of the doubt on otherwise being a decent human being, who is currently acting as if they were a douche bag.

2. the asshole that you still hang out with, but you're never sure why.
1. Man, I can usually get a long with (insert name here), and I know you and him are tight and all, but the shitting on my couch after drinking all my vodka last night - on a scale from one to douchebro he's a solid douchebro.

by (Idb) In Defense of Brodom February 01, 2011
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