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A really HUGE douchebag. A douche so big that he spreads his douchiosity all around the room.
Dude, I gotta get out here. That douchebomb, Greg just walked in. I can almost feel the douchiosity crawling up my leg.
by shrimphead May 07, 2008
A person who exceeds the limits of being a douche, douche bag, or even a douche canoe.
dude 1: You suck at this game.
dude 2: Man, I literally picked it up 30 minutes ago.
dude 1: You suck. Just like your mother.
dude 2: Stop being such a fucking douche bomb.
by ninja_carrot November 05, 2009
When you put the fake subject of your photo in the foreground (like a scratch on your finger or a Starbucks cup), and casually leave the real subject in the background (like an Hermes tote, your pumped bicep, or the BMW logo on your new steering wheel)
Person A: "Who's the douche with the Jaguar keys next to the tanning lotion captioned 'Can't Wait for Summer'?"

Person B: That's the most blatant douchebomb I've ever seen.
by IcarusKC May 27, 2014
A word or phrase that, when used in conversation, lets everyone know you are a giant douche. Usually a French word used in poor context by an uppity white male.
Coined by the giant vat of douchewater known as "Luke" from Luke and Posey.
Douche: Workin till 9 again, huh? C'est la vie!
You: Nice douchebomb, douche.

Douche: This yogurt has a certain 'Je-ne-sais-quoi'.
You: Douchebomb!

"Sans" followed by any word other than "serif" is also a douchebomb.
by a_different_luke_entirely January 27, 2008