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A tribal-esque tattoo on the bicep of a male douchebag
Did you see the doucheband on that guy with the sleeveless tshirt? What is this, 1998?
by douchebaghata August 19, 2009
A fundamental part of the douche attire, douche bands are one or a pair of any chain or barb wire tattoos along the arms. These tattoos scream of douchebaggery.

The more visible and cliche these douche bands are, the douchier the individual. Douche bands on the neck are symptoms of an intense degree of douche bag, most likely the kind that has visited prison multiple times.
"Holy shit there's a barb wire on your neck! How many times were you a victim or prison bro rape to have to overcompensate with douche bands to look super hardcore?"
by PalaceofWisdom July 14, 2009
A tattoo shaped in a band around a man's bicep - usually of Celtic, tribal or barbed-wire design. It is considered the bro] equivalent of a tramp-stamp].
I couldn't believe it when Ted took his shirt off - he had a douche-band right there on his bicep!
by TiffanyX October 04, 2010
A headband that is worn across the forehead, labeling the wearer as a supreme douchebag. They serve no legitimate purpose, other than letting passersby know that they listen to indie and/or emo music and shop at Urban Outfitters.
My forehead feels naked without my doucheband.
by LittleNepatiz March 17, 2009
a hardcore/ screamo band full of gay scene douche bags.
ZOMG did you go to lifeSPOT and see defending the pilot?!?!

NO, that is a doucheband.
by matthew blah blah blahblah March 11, 2008

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