The act or acts of being a Douche-bag.
The Americans were showing a presence of douchebaggery when they kicked the Indians off their land.
by AccWW May 19, 2010
The acts a douche bag performs.
A: Dude, Tyler is such a douche bag. Ask him what he's doing later.

B: Hey Tyler! What douche-baggery are you up to later today?
by braetonfaith May 08, 2010
The act of being a complete and total asshole.
Jeff: I turned down this pretty girl yesterday for not liking my shoes

Carmen: thats just douchebaggery
by Penismcburgerpenis March 07, 2010
The doing or performing of shinanigans. Usually done with friends to other friends. (Verb)
guy knocks friends hat off.
Friend: Dude, why must you perform this douchebaggery

Freind 1: should we perform douchebaggery at lunch today?
Friend 2: lets &%*#^@! do it!!!
by Tico Mann October 30, 2009
An act involving the skill or prowess of a douchebag.
Matt: Dude that guy totally jipped you from the team! That sucks man.

Abby: Yeah dude, it was total douchebaggery.

Matt: Yeah, I hate that douchebag.
by Abbyjabby October 12, 2009
The act of one or more people being a douchebag. As in a friends boyfriend, or just some random person in ones life.
Also, the sense one may have to tell who is a douchebag.
"I have an uncanny sense of douchebaggery."
"Wow. That was an awesome display of douchebaggery."
by The_P!ck_0F_D3$TINY April 21, 2010
The way one determines how much of a douche bag someone is, or how similarly they act to a douche bag.
The way she is.

Casey's consistent douchebaggery continues to astonish everyone around her. Today she tried commenting on an action of one of her peers by calling what he did, "douchebagism". Righteous Douchebaggery.
by BJWAN September 27, 2009

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