An act of total douche.

One would recognize 'douchebaggery' by the way in which one speaks, dresses, walks, or behaves around other human beings.
There is no douchebaggery to be found here.
I have had it with all of your douchebaggery!
"I feel bad for laughing at that" " Don't worry,laugh if you will, for there is no douchebaggery to be found."
The act of being a douche-bag, often to the point of losing friends.
Paul: I was going to help you, but decided to work out instead. It's all about me man.

Efren: Your douchebaggery truly knows no bounds.
by Manbearpigdog December 31, 2010
The act or acts of being a Douche-bag.
The Americans were showing a presence of douchebaggery when they kicked the Indians off their land.
by AccWW May 19, 2010
The acts a douche bag performs.
A: Dude, Tyler is such a douche bag. Ask him what he's doing later.

B: Hey Tyler! What douche-baggery are you up to later today?
by braetonfaith May 08, 2010
Slang ;
Anything Kanye West does
"What'd you do last night?"
"Oh you know, the usual douchebaggery."
by I'm Ron Burgundy? March 15, 2010
The act of being a complete and total asshole.
Jeff: I turned down this pretty girl yesterday for not liking my shoes

Carmen: thats just douchebaggery
by Penismcburgerpenis March 07, 2010
The doing or performing of shinanigans. Usually done with friends to other friends. (Verb)
guy knocks friends hat off.
Friend: Dude, why must you perform this douchebaggery

Freind 1: should we perform douchebaggery at lunch today?
Friend 2: lets &%*#^@! do it!!!
by Tico Mann October 30, 2009
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