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A relevant act commited by a douchebag such as screwing your friends over behind some drunk slut you just met at the bar
Steve we hereby find you guilty of douchebaggery in the first degree and sentence you to douchebag hall of fame
by D Guzinya January 12, 2008
11 13
the act of being a douchebag when being a head cashier named jim.
jim reigned supreme in his douchebaggery today while screwing up everything he was assigned to do.
by scotty savell March 06, 2009
2 5
The art of being a douchebag
I'm tired of all her douchebaggery, that girl is gonna get it.
by Pickle G September 01, 2008
4 7
1) The act of doing the same thing a douchebag would do.

2) A social crime resulting in namecalling and future abuse towards the douchebag.
Jeff says a joke that isn't funny and causes everybody to stop liking him.
After calling said douchebag a douchebag, refer to the previous act as douchebaggery, so the douchebag knows and never ever forgets that they're a douchebag.
by Van of the Dam October 20, 2009
0 4
an act of consistant or continous behavior that is otherwise annoying or unhelpfull in any way.
God damit im sick of steve and his constant douchebaggery, he better knock it out or i'll leave him on the side of the road.
by Alex Townsend December 07, 2008
2 6
a douchebag commits acts of douchebaggery
Douchebag1: let's go douchebagging douchebag2!

Douchebag2: OK douchebag1. let's go commit acts of douchebaggery!
by Samui Kitsune December 02, 2007
12 19
Highly illegal and often dangerous activity carried by affluent youth hailing from the suburbs. Many of the activities have a decidedly racist undertone and are often accompanied by the music of racist country singer johnny rebel. When hallucinogen use is involved (and it often is) the perpetrators totally flip out and the douchebaggery crosses into the realm of tom shroomery.
When questioned about a night of violence, vandelism and lsd use the worn out young lad could but only smile and say "douchebaggery..."
by the goof July 21, 2006
1 8