Companies that use employees and discard them without regard for their hardwork.

Employees of average intelligence and skill that capitalize on anothers hardwork and effort.
Those guys treat their employees like shit. They are a bunch of Douchebags.

That guy that stabbed his boss in the back and is now running the division is a real Douchebag because he knows his ex-boss worked hard to create the business unit.
by JudasIscariot2010 February 24, 2010
a person who gives a shit about people, one that can care less of people's feelings.

a perosn that belives he/she is better than everybody else.
a person that think less of people.

a jerk or an asshole in a sence.
Pieter Bednar is a true douche bag for giving people the boot.
by TheOneTruth October 04, 2009
some one who acts like a bit of a fool and not very liked
Oh man that guy Kit is a douche bag
by Rufus the doofus September 10, 2009
This controversial term dates back to Richard Brome's 1588 comedy 'the Court of Malcontents'

In Act I Scene II, the following takes place:

Don Benedicto: Aha! and from whence hast this bough sprung?
Don Matheus: From the douche, no doubt!
Don Benedicto: The douche. The douche. Ye Gods man!
Tell me from whence hast the douche come ye can
Don Matheus: The douche is borne from yonder douche-bag.
Don Benedicto: Your humour does not humour me, sir. Begone or taste my steel.
Don Matheus: Thou steel be brittle, sir.

This pun is lost on most modern audiences, but in the play leads to Don Matheus and Don Benedicto fighting a duel (during the Edwardian period the word 'steel' would be pronounced very similarly to the word 'still', which then was used to refer to the way in which a mother holds her child. Don Matheus is implying that Don Benedicto's mother was incompetant. Indeed, he even goes as far as to suggest that Don Benedicto was dropped on his head at an early age, insulting both Don Benedicto's honour and intelligence).

'Douche' was a form of the old english word 'Douaché' meaning 'I sow'. It came to mean the seeds which farmers used to grow orchards (often apple orchards particularly). A douche-bag was a sack slung over one shoulder used to carry the 'douche' during sowing.

After this play, douche-bag eventually came to be associated with simpletons or fools (as it is the 'final straw' as it were of Don Matheus' ridicule which causes Don Benedicto to initiate a duel, which he eventually flees from - losing all face and honour as a gentleman).

This Elizabethan insult has in recent years resurfaced, particularly in the Americas, and has rapidly spread across the rest of the world thanks to recent innovations in communication technology.
Don Byrne: Thou is naught but a lowly douche bag.
Don Sampson: I think not sir!
by Professor Aston April 17, 2007
an insult. see "John Edwards"
On south park, John Edwards won the biggest douche bag in the universe award
by skinny whiteboy October 14, 2003
The office smartass at a software company that cannot say anything without some sort of insult, or someone that always says phrases such as "I went to school for 10 years to put up with this shit."
"Brian made fun of me again. What a total douchebag. I did not go to school for 10 years to put up with this shit!" said the douchebag.
by Farris March 02, 2007
That guy who does obnoxious covers of Disney songs and plays guitar when everyone else just wants to chill.
Harry: In the real world, I'm what people call a douche bag. I'm like Jesse McCartney. I'm like....Jesse McCartney's douche.
by MoonshoesPotter234 April 23, 2011
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