A person (most likely a man) who is self-absorbed and in love with himself and is very obnoxious about it and chalks up any negative criticism to jealousy. That guy who thinks he is a god and won't shut up about it.
this Mike Guy from Jersey shore actually nicknamed his own abs and compares his fame with the Beatles....what adouchebag
by That's Him Officer June 27, 2010
Someone who wears white Oakley sunglasses.
Mitch- "Hey is that guy wearing white oakleys?"

Steve- "Yea man. What a Douchebag!"
by YourNewGod July 05, 2009
A person with a really shitty personality and a oversized ego who thinks he's smarter than he actually is and makes a jack-ass of himself in public. They normally assume the form of a pompas (usually rich) over gelled haired pretty boy, with a retardly deep voice. Normally wears pink polo shirts with the collar turned up, pants hanging below his lack of ass, backwards white baseball cap with green lettering, and puka shells. Is often seen watching downloaded simpsons episodes on his video iPod while talking on his razor cell phone in the middle of the hall way at a local highschool.
2) The offspring of assholes and will develop into fully mature assholes when they get a job in a office.
1) all the kids in 90210

Christ what a douchebag
by weirdasswhitegirl November 12, 2008
One who knowingly disrespects his peers while simultaneously thinking very highly of himself for no good reason.
#1: Hey!! That fucker Jimmy just walked up to MY woman, at MY party, in MY house, and is hitting on her! What the fuck!?
#2: Yeah, what a fucking douchebag!!
#1: Damn straight!
by the Izer July 13, 2008
A douchebag, or douche is a person, usually male, who has one of the following critereas:

1. He usually wears bright colored shirts, usually abercrombie and fitch or hollister. Sometimes they will wear a polo and keep the collar up for style.

2. They usually wear big ass belts, and feel the need to leave the front of the shirt tucked into it, leaving the big ass logo showing.

3. Although they are talk very loud, their voice gets much louder when they start talking about how much they got wasted or how they fucked their girlfriend.

4. 90% of what douches say is a lie or exaggerated.

5. They refer to their friend as ''bro'' or ''dawg''.

6. They usually have fun putting down weaker kids, just to look cool in front of others.

7. They have fun insulting each others mothers all day, but as soon as one says anything about another's girlfriend, the guy goes crazy.

8. Their sentences emphasize on swear words.
Nerd: Hey guys.

Douchebag 1: Get the fuck out, pussy ass bitch.

Douche 2: OMG bro your so FUCKING hilarious. Your so cool for insulting that nerd. This makes me even happier than yesterday when we got WASTED and I fucked my girl!!

Cool kids: Wow, what douchebags...they must be part of circle jerk.
by shotty bounce December 03, 2009
this species of male can usually be found wearing jeans and sandles in winter. you can usually spot them by there coats, which can consist of a pink shirt or a t-shirt with a witty saying on it. some unusually colorful douche bags have their collars popped up high to attract the attention of unintelligent females. can also be found playin a garth brooks album followed by 50 cent "up in the club"
only girls wear pink you douche bag.

look at these douche bags.
by scintifek9 October 28, 2005
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