a very limited bag sold by pimps.
comes with authentic fishy scent!
the mom filled her douchebag with yummy dino treats for her 32 children.
by christian madril March 22, 2007
A bag used to clean the vagina with a straw or something to disperse the fluid. Usually used after sex.

It can also be used as a derogotory phrase towards someone if they're being an asshole or if you just dont feel like saying something else.
Scott Petterson is a douchebag.
by Bobby IzZO April 02, 2006
I. One who is:

a. An asshole
b. Annoying
c. Makes no sense at all
d. a vagina (insult)
Jimmy: I told Melissa you're gay, so she wouldn't go out with you.
Sean: WTF, you douchebag.I knew you were uncool! one
by cece December 16, 2004
a device they use in the military in order clean each others foxholes with. They also use the term to insult each other with.
hey general jackson, you are being a real douche baggus maximus.
by Brandon November 10, 2003
Only douchebags call other people douchebags. So if you don't want to be called a complete fuckwad, don't call other people douchebag.
Jock: Dude, Mike's such a douchebag!
Hector: Fuck the fuck off u bloody knucklefuck and never talk to me again.
by Southchingate September 25, 2007
A person who tries overly hard to be cool.
Only a douchbag would bye that t-shirt
by Billy April 17, 2005
1.A word that is used to replace any noun, adjective or verb also can be shortened to "douche
1. Oh man this guy's a douche
2. go douche yourself
3. what a douchebag of a situation
4. Hello my name is johnathan fesiwinkle, i sure do enjoy douche cakes
by Time scit October 13, 2003

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