that is when somone has to clean an old lady's pussy with their mouth
you are a fucking douche bag.
by g-daddy November 27, 2003
An insult similar in nature to 'asshole' or 'fuckface.' Usually preceded with "fuckin" - not to be confused with "fucking."
That boy isn't from the ghetto. What a fuckin' douchebag.
by J Lizzle December 07, 2002
Dude, that guy is a total douchebag.
by antiuser September 30, 2002
a whore who lives in st pete fl named tabitha mancinelli...

or some one who is 2 faced and fucked up
by an anonymous bitch October 04, 2008
1 - One who exceeds past the normal act of being a douche bag, thus making them an extremely gigantic douche.

2 - One may also reference such persons to being a douche hyphen bag, or simply a hyphen bag.
1. Dude, he just clogged your toilette and then left, what a douche-bag.

2. He didn't do any of the work on the project, yet he claimed to have done it all, what a hyphen bag.
by Dan Peterson October 05, 2007
a female that has sex more time in a month then there are days. And who has a huge vagina
Man, Shes a douchebag
by g-piiimp June 08, 2007
Young upper class boy,usually a twin,often associated with anal sex,enjoys listening to George Michael,Frequents School in Blackrock College in Dublin and can be located in the Steam Room or Fudge Packaging Factory,Normally accompanied by one or more "friends" who often have online names representing sexual innuendos e.g. Kev69 or Backdoorslutimmy,Listens also to "gay Rock" such as the Band green Day who are also Douchebags, Would describe himself as Big if asked to sum himself up in one word,and Claims to have an extra mediumed size penis,usually the twin of "the Douchebag" is far superior although is a raging homosexual and does things like not going out on new year's eve,The twin also dabbles in anal sex,To sum it up all that can really be said about a Douchebag is that he is a Douchebag!
Shut up Douchebag!
by Kev69 January 02, 2007

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