Young upper class boy,usually a twin,often associated with anal sex,enjoys listening to George Michael,Frequents School in Blackrock College in Dublin and can be located in the Steam Room or Fudge Packaging Factory,Normally accompanied by one or more "friends" who often have online names representing sexual innuendos e.g. Kev69 or Backdoorslutimmy,Listens also to "gay Rock" such as the Band green Day who are also Douchebags, Would describe himself as Big if asked to sum himself up in one word,and Claims to have an extra mediumed size penis,usually the twin of "the Douchebag" is far superior although is a raging homosexual and does things like not going out on new year's eve,The twin also dabbles in anal sex,To sum it up all that can really be said about a Douchebag is that he is a Douchebag!
Shut up Douchebag!
by Kev69 January 02, 2007
what you are for looking this up.
by actually looking up this definition and reading this, you are a douche bag.
by Lindsey Marie :] October 10, 2006
Another word for someone who is acting asinine
douchebag:OMG that person falling over there was SO funny
me:dude you are such a douchebag!
douchebag:your mom
me:like i said you're a douchebag
by Bridgmister April 01, 2006
A person in a cubicle environment surrounded by overwork staffers, who daily feels the need to talk loudly on the phone to his family and friends, and also to schedule such things as home repair, phone service, vacations and rental cars. Also known to talk loudly with food in their mouth, and scrape to death the bottom of a cup of yogurt.
"Tim is such a douchebag, do we really need to hear about his parenting skills?"
by DisgruntledStaffer June 10, 2005
1. An object used for vaginal hygeine.
2. A stuck-up asshole.
1. Damn, she could use a douchebag...
2. Fuck you, douchebag!
by TylerDurden2001 February 06, 2003
(usage on the North Shore of Massachusetts). 1. A whore or slut. 2. A woman with a reputation for sleeping around.
"She is a huge f*cking douche bag."
by Bennyp7 January 23, 2009
It could be in the form of a sack that is put inside you if your stomach and various other important transit and digestive organs go iffy haywire, you may die soon if you have one.

Or in the form of a bag connected to your bladder or shitterpipe through an anal extrusion. The muck n piss traverses into the sac but there is no ding ding so you need to check at intervals to make sure you're not leeking juices all over you cream carpet, for fun why no attatch a rubber glove.

Finally could be a pathetic small person whom has no life or interests in the wellbeing of others, you exude coarse emphatic remarks at them leaving them huffy and angry, they then go and break your personal belongings and trash their room, i.e. george bush does this after a hissy with government officials or if he doesn't get his own way manufacturing huge rubber cocks filled with oil.

E.g. I.e, par example:

Reno: how you standing man, you aint got no insides, y'all be a miracle of the science.
Pale guy: yer i had this douche bag fitted; all pumps 'n' shit i wish i could take a crap and read a magazine on the flusher but i aint got no reasons for using the can man?
Reno: oh too bad, you wanna watch me take a shit?
Pale guy: silece, long silence...... death by defication?

Kahn: Oh it feels so odd pissing inter piss bag
Rudey: Really
Shortey: ohhh it's all green and yella, you alright
Kahn: yes, if you'd excuse me gentlemen i need take a refill
Shortey: like a cup of coke refill
Kahn: get shortey, what a doofus, i need to empty all my shiz outta my nugget sack man.

Kid #1: i hate you, you douche bag. Those were my c.ds why'd you have to go take a jiz all over them.
Kid #2: oh no, that was purely coincidental i happened to let my love trumpet bugle monster slip out of bed whilst having a very intimate dream involving mummy, me and daddy.
Kid #1: you sick fuck, stop playing with your cumberland
Kid #2: hey slick, i was kiddin, not my fault i have a curly sausage. I like salty tail sap that comes out of pepperamis, is that sick? I am a douche bag.
by robby frog March 14, 2006

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