any of those lame albinos who works at Hollister and wears flip flops in January. These people fail to realize that even though they wish they were in California, it is actually snowing outside and their frostbitten toes will only add to their douchebagedness.
Eww! Look at that douchebag walking out of Hollister.
by tnp February 28, 2006
Someone whos so far deep in the asshole forest that they are associated with cleaning dirty vaginas and/or being a pompous prick thats 1/8 italian and tries to act like a mobster at your local highschool. Also a co-worker who constantly eats your food even though its labeled and then argues with you over tirvial things
God that brian davis is such a douche bag!


Person2: God he is SUCH a DOUCHEBAG
by The urban linguist July 12, 2005
A girl with an especially fish poonani, often used by cressida ward because hers is rather fishy!
OH LORD ABOVE WHAT IS THAT STANK...Sniff, sniff, oh cressida Ward just came in..someone tell her to use that douche bag properly!
by Akua November 11, 2003
a vulgar, derogetory term that people use to insult each other
Shut up Jeremy you're such a douche bag
by Homer Phobic November 11, 2002
a whore who lives in st pete fl named tabitha mancinelli...

or some one who is 2 faced and fucked up
by an anonymous bitch October 04, 2008
that is when somone has to clean an old lady's pussy with their mouth
you are a fucking douche bag.
by g-daddy November 27, 2003
An insult similar in nature to 'asshole' or 'fuckface.' Usually preceded with "fuckin" - not to be confused with "fucking."
That boy isn't from the ghetto. What a fuckin' douchebag.
by J Lizzle December 07, 2002

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