Someone who refuses to medical help they require, even if it affects others around them and relationships they have.
Someone who makes a lot of strange sound effect noises, for no reason every single day, or every time you see them.
Someone who actually thinks bad things or problems will magically go away if they are ignored and/or put off long enough.
Someone who'd rather live with the pain, discomfort, and inconveniences, of having a hernia (including making the significant other suffer indefinatley, each day going by an insult), even if it means no intercourse, rather than having the outpatient surgery and having a rich, full, normal sex life.

In short, anyone who doesn't see their overabundance of agrrogance, rudeness, stubborness, lameness, cowardice, or insensitivity, even though they exhibit those qualities to the max on a regular to extreme basis.
It feeds off of pride, fear, and selfishness.
These definitions are very close to that of asshole, jackass, dick, and fucker.
The major difference is that the douchebag isn't usually one to commit douchebaggary out of blatent evil intentions.
by ladynez420 July 29, 2009
A person who cheats on, tears apart someone elses life, and hits on freshman, and 8th graders, when he is in 11th grade
That douchebag ruined my life.
by random128 June 10, 2009
stupid person idotic
frank is such a stupid douchebag
by boomsheka2 April 21, 2009
people who give thumbs down to all the definitions on this website
your a douche bag if you give this definition thumbs down
by TiTyRon April 14, 2009
those little bags you find in the bathroom of every Italian hotel next to things that look like a sink except it's for your butt.
Matt: hey what are those little plastic bags next the toilet-sink thingy and the bar of soap that says intimate cleanser on it

Ryan: Oh, those are douchebags

Matt: Awesome

by Mister Pinecone April 12, 2009
A person who thinks too highly of themselves and are just asking to be smashed into realising what a retard they actually are.
Day of a douchebag: finishes playing on the computer at 5am to gel up hair until 7am.

Waits for mum to finish making breakfast, eats, goes to train stop.

Acts emo on train and acts important by rolling eyes at anyone who tried to talk to him.

At school:Gets beaten up infront of everyone.

After school: Still acts as if he is on top of everyone else.
by pissedoff! March 29, 2009
George W. Bush
Im so happy that Douche Bag is out of office!
by Mike Brothers February 08, 2009

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