those little bags you find in the bathroom of every Italian hotel next to things that look like a sink except it's for your butt.
Matt: hey what are those little plastic bags next the toilet-sink thingy and the bar of soap that says intimate cleanser on it

Ryan: Oh, those are douchebags

Matt: Awesome

by Mister Pinecone April 12, 2009
George W. Bush
Im so happy that Douche Bag is out of office!
by Mike Brothers February 08, 2009
pussy deodorant, when a person is usually persistent at something and won't give up.
guy: aye girl what's your name?
girl: why does it matter? (smiles and looks away)
guy: for real, what's your name? (extends hang to shake hands with the girl)
girl: I don't give hand shakes. I don't know where your hands been.
guy: Okay, can I have a hug?
girl: No, sorry no hugs allowed, that involves touching.
guy: WTF?!
girl: leave me alone you douche bag!
by Fox audacious muncher December 21, 2008
A person who is rewarded for undesirable traits
That guy wearing the white rimmed sunglasses and hollister shirt who is womanizing is a douche bag.
by Jordan Wayne Norman September 01, 2008
n. and adj. interchangeable . One who wears a stocking cap when it is greater that 65 F and the stocking cap worn when it is over 65 F
"Hey! Nice Douchebag!, is that from Urban Outfitters?"

"Look at that douchebag! It freaking 90 degrees out."
by itto July 16, 2008
A term that is used to define the actions/outbursts of a first year Creative Communications student.

90% of the time this word is used in a playful manner.

God Conor, you are being such a douche bag.

Wow, that Ezra Ginsburg can be such a D bag sometimes.

We will impeach that douche bag class rep. Impeach the D Bag Conor Lloyd.
by Conor Lloyd June 11, 2008
a person who shows up in a public place looking like a complete idiot, or does something so completely stupid that it makes people laugh on his be-half.
yo, look at that douche bag.
by Chesca April 06, 2008

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