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A person who is generally not courteous, and does things that are considered to be generally dumb and insulting, or just plain weird. Also, a U-M fan.
Before I even met him, I knew he was a douche bag, and I was right, by golly! He is a douche bag!
by The Leopard December 04, 2003
~ n.~ slang: A Person (usually male) that attempts to make himself appear more interesting/cool than the collective average of those around him by exaggerating half truths about himself and his experiences. Often they are confused with arrogant/smug people but The North American Douchebag is actually insecure and are only attempting to act arrogant and this is usually how we can spot them in the wild and call them out on their douchebaggery. There are slight variations of demeanor depending on which country they reside. However the North American breed is the most dominant.
Nobody was paying attention to Jim so he started talking about a popular girl he went out with in high school for 2 hours, as though they were prom king and queen. What a douchebag.
by cyclebreaker October 22, 2011
The guy that lives in the lounge and points out useless info
A douchebag who risks being punched in the face when he talks
by D4rkw0lf01 September 29, 2011
A person who behaves as the too smart for you or anyone around. Always has to give thier oppinion in a final word format. Believes they are so smart people need to know what they have to say. This person can be smart but must add the extra mustard to his own intelligence level just to feel high and mighty. Typically this person has no sense of humor or imagination. This person is known to quote information they previously heard as thier own oppinion. A Douchebag also answers questions when they are not asked and gives you attitude as if your question was so dumb it was a waste of thier time to answer it.
George: Hey Debbie, How do you get a line on this excel spreadsheet.

Debbie: You click on (sudden interruption from Douchbag Frank)

Frank: Pffft.. *shaking head* you click on the upper link of course. What I do is reprogram the source code and tell it what to do. It's not for everyone but I can do it of course. Because I went to Caltech at times if you cross a horse with a cow as I have you can also find that answer duh. (In a rude and uncalled for tone of voice) *Walks away in a cocky manner*

George: What a douchebag!
by UnknownPerson123456 August 17, 2011
A older unsuccessful miscreant who finds enjoyment in sophomoric activities that present a lack of maturity, and wishes to continually act as he or she is still in high school.
Douchebag Activity
Tagging ones name on a anothers picture just to annoy the butt of the joke.
by Word_OF_God April 24, 2011
Person who is NOT smart enough to keep up with his own LIES!!!
He cancels his TRIP to CHICAGO and then books a flight to CANCUN...and CLAIMS he is going by HIMSELF....WOW WHAT A DOUCHEBAG!!!!! AHHHHHHH YEAH!!!!
by Beefcake 8181 October 28, 2010
A word people in England use to show that you watch to much american television and your trying to bring a word what nobody uses into popularity (but you fail).
Girl "Ugh these douchebags are annoying me"
Boy "Are you from the USA"
Girl "No, Why?"
Boy "Only Americans say douchebag"
Girl "No they dont all my friends say it"
Boy "You have no friends"
by inspire62 September 17, 2010