A Harsh Term For One To Use Upon One's Sister
Mum, the douche bag just tore up my porn,

Oops, sorry mate, i just fucked you're douche bag
by grantyfrajj June 04, 2009
A loser and former best friend named Josh Kearney.
Josh is a big hairy douche bagjosh, everything he does
by Frodo the pug June 01, 2009
a man of great intelligence with a weird obsession with the color purple. he goes by several different aliases and usually roles with a butt buddy at all times. known to suck the life out of a room and offend women with the slightest of ease.
''who is that guy? he totally just killed the party.''

''oh thats adam, hes a real douche bag''
by pooder =) May 19, 2009
One who believes that he is superior to others in all things. One can usually be spotted by their half clad myspace pictures with spray-on tans and sideways hats.
"Hey Tyler"


"You remember that guy that we went to high school with. Y'know, the one that was a complete douchebag."

"Oh yeah, that guy was such a douche! All he ever did was complain about his fuckin' douchey life. What was his name again? Brandon Richards?"

"Richardson, actually."

"Whatever. He's still a douche face douche bag doucher."

"Well said, good Sir."
by Silent I3ob April 26, 2009
Douche Bag adj, The Jonas Brothers
"hey your a total jonas brother... ya your a douche bag"
by MR. hatesjonases April 04, 2009
somebody who you think is a complete retard and doesn't know anything about what they're talking about. often think that they are on good indoor soccer teams but in actuality the team sucks balls
Jake is a "douche bag ". BONESAW is champion and not for gays. which is why Jake is not on BONESAW.
by spiritofpre March 13, 2009
A douche bag is used as a form of slang meaning "idiot". A Douche bag can also be used as a bag in which dirty sanitary towels are kept.
"ANDREW SWIFT you are oficially a douche bag as you never emptied your mum's douche bag"
by acheeseface January 07, 2009

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