Douche bag is a word that I use to much... Due to the annoyingly idiotic people that surround me.
Easily put, some one that suffers from retardation and pisses you off a lot. When you get mad, you call them a douche bag. Now, when this person is your father, then they are bald, mean, have a beer belly, and got what they deserved.
Jerks that need to be a. bitch slaped or b. kicked in the nuts. >.<
*Love yah dad!*
Me: Your such a douche bag...
Father: Do you know what that means? Go look it up!
Me: Oh yes, in fact I wrote my own verson, now you go look that up.
Father: *gets red and walks away angerly*
Me: Oh Burn!

Dude, your a friggen douche bag!!
by Smexie Emo November 11, 2006
People who are so full of themselves pretending to be "wheelers" or "players" in the corporate world but do not know their ass from a hole in the ground. Douchebags like this call meetings to hear themselves talk, but never say a goddamn thing of any relevance.
Darryl calls a weekly meeting that we all had to commute to, dusts off last week's agenda and talks utter nonsense for two hours--that's a douchebag.
by J ster February 15, 2006
douche bag- a 20 year old man who throws a party with six other guys, and sings karaoke to Dido, Lauryn Hill, and other strange singers at 3am waking up all the neighbors in an apartment building.
I couldn't sleep last night because douche bag next door was too friggin' loud.
by Tony February 27, 2005
A rating on the type A personality scale which ranges from Asshole to Douchbag.
John is an asshole but he gets things done. Dave on the other hand is a total Douchebag; he'll fuck you over in a heartbeat just to look good to the boss.
by Droobiedoo July 20, 2015
-your boss
-the prick that cheats on your girlfriend
-someone who puts their flat cap hat backwards
-someone who poses like a thug in solo or group selfies
-a worthless asshole
-someone who thinks they're better than people
Can you stop being a douchebag, it's pissing me off.
by xilvergman February 10, 2015
When someone tries to be something they are not. In order to obtain the slightest femail response
Brett Williams is a douche bag
by truecaller January 08, 2015
Choosing to disregard basic and appropriate social graces of a normal human being in regards to anything relating to their own needs, feelings, and wellbeing over others specially those closed to them IE. Family relationships friends or strangers
Guy has a girlfriend who he gets pregnant and starts dating someone behind her back. what a Douchemove Douchebag
by Rufus December 04, 2014
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