An extremely bad liar. Someone who thinks they are convincing in their lies but are in fact not. "Ladies man" or think they are. Goes and does whoever he can. Usually has initials as they're name of choice!
Hey do you know JT? Yeah he's a real douchebag!
by Lollilol45 May 28, 2014
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is the definition of douchebag.
by MaskMan191 May 06, 2014
The ever so helpless, obnoxious, and autistic Russian Nimby, Cock Sucking Bitch Boy, formerly from St. Petersburg and now, oh so inconveniently living in Columbia, MO ruining everyone's well-being, safety, and health. This is due to his incompetent sense of using cool and dangerous toys, a big-ass truck, and the liquid motivation of Fireball Whiskey and other various forms of alcohol, accompanied by his wild Russian dumbass nature and a bit (LOT) rough and rowdy decisions. ==> Douchebag 100%
by Konstantin's mom. May 06, 2014
A person commonly found around the ages of 12-17 that is a horny, selfish person that doesn't care about anything except sex and their ego. Most douchebags are also conformists as well and listen to a lot of rap and hip hop. They tend to usually have girlfriends but unlike a normal human, they commonly show their girlfriend off. Other common words used and have the same meaning of douchebag are fag-bag, fagot, scumbag, ass hole, ass wipe, dickhead, and dick.
Douchebag: "Hey dude check out my hot new girlfriend!" *Grabs her ass for a brief moment and gives her a quick kiss*

Normal Person: "Uhmm thats nice... I have to go I have a meeting in half an hour."

Douchebag: "Ha yeah whatever i'm going to work out, later nerd."
*As his girlfriend walks away he whispers a quick thing into the normal persons ear.."

Douchebag: "I totally bought a pack of XXXtra large condoms and i'm get laid tonight! Haha!!!"
by Trjx March 30, 2014
Alex Harris.
"Man, that guy is being such an douchebag."
"Yeah, what an Alex Harris."
by Ajent123 August 25, 2013
A human being who commits an atrocity such as stealing someone's life work and calling it their own. These douche bags tend to laugh at others misfortunes, or even worse, create the others misfortunes. It is often that douche bags steal from others that are not well known, but brilliant minds, who end up dying alone and talking to a laser beam pigeon in the mean time.
Edison: Hey, ah, Tesla, you're pretty smart, right?

Tesla: Yeah, I guess.

Edison: I'll pay you the equivalency of 1 million dollars if you fix my fucked up DC generators and motors.

Tesla agrees and does all of the work

Tesla: Done


Tesla: .... douche bag.
by nakedsarah May 08, 2013
Nick Bilton, whose March 10 article in the New York Times managed to explain how to be a digital/electronic douchebag for the audience of the New York Times.
Nick Bilton, of the New York Times, is such an utter douchebag that, in a section of the country and a social class noted for its production of douchebags, he is an instructor of others in how to extend douchebaggery to the digital realm.
by old lang guy March 20, 2013

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