Robin Thicke
No need to define douchebag, just google Robin Thicke.
by JLGoodenough July 01, 2014
A person, usually a male that has no common sense or responsiblilty, and likes to make things difficultm they often go by the names corey and tyler.
The douchebag didn't even have a proper carseat.
by catdogcatdogfish June 20, 2014
a complete moron that knows everything about nothing. all talk, pats himself on the back and takes credit for something he cannot do. one so full of himself and doesn't even realize it. insults other peoples intellect
My ex-boss Bruce Brower jr. Of Brower Plumbing and Heating of Trenton NJ is one of the biggest Douche bags known to man. Pretends to be connected with the Italian mob. Wears wife beater t-shirts and talks down to women. Lifts weights for his arms only with skinny legs. Pretends to know everything and threatens people with his famous words of "don't let me catch you on the street" total clown
by mr.beam June 08, 2014
A teen/ early 20's male in the late 90's to early 2000's that , like a sheep in a flock, dyed his hair blonde and wore a visor and thought to himself I'm totally awesome.
You see that douche bag over there? He just spent 50 bucks on half of a hat.
by Rooster_82 June 03, 2014
An extremely bad liar. Someone who thinks they are convincing in their lies but are in fact not. "Ladies man" or think they are. Goes and does whoever he can. Usually has initials as they're name of choice!
Hey do you know JT? Yeah he's a real douchebag!
by Lollilol45 May 28, 2014
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is the definition of douchebag.
by MaskMan191 May 06, 2014
The ever so helpless, obnoxious, and autistic Russian Nimby, Cock Sucking Bitch Boy, formerly from St. Petersburg and now, oh so inconveniently living in Columbia, MO ruining everyone's well-being, safety, and health. This is due to his incompetent sense of using cool and dangerous toys, a big-ass truck, and the liquid motivation of Fireball Whiskey and other various forms of alcohol, accompanied by his wild Russian dumbass nature and a bit (LOT) rough and rowdy decisions. ==> Douchebag 100%
by Konstantin's mom. May 06, 2014

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