Korey Leroux
Korey Leroux is a douche bag.
by Teh0wnage May 31, 2011
Douche bags are smug, smarmy assholes, who are too pussy to physically be assholes.

Douche bags may pretend to be oblivious to their surroundings, and will respond with a shit eating grin and a phony apology if their wrongdoings are exposed.
"I don't like assholes, but douche bags are the worst."

"Jared may seem like a 'nice guy', but we all know that he is a douche bag."

Cool people = assertive individuals
Assholes = aggressive individuals
Douche bags = passive-aggressive individuals
by capnbarfy May 27, 2011
The guy you'll find in a public who's everything but subtle about his presence and appearance; oftentimes (yet strangely) is accompanied by hot women. However, as much as he'd like to think the world revolves around him, the reality is that most see him as a complete fool.
Dude, I thought you said this new club was going to be douche bag-free? There's a big group of 'em standing by the dance floor sippin' on martinis. Gosh chuckles, they never cease to amuse me.
by B2daG December 22, 2010
A person who has a tattoo of an anchor on his/her face.
Person 1:Hey dude, why do you have an anchor tattoo on your face?

Person 2:cuz I hold shit down

Person 1: douche bag
by kelstubee December 13, 2010
1. A man who takes himself too seriously, has a poor sense of humor specifically with respect to himself, and generally tries to project an image of a man in a hip clothing label catalog. He will generally try and stand out in the crowd by over dressing for the situation and emphasizes his apperance more so than his personality which he generally lacks.

2. General pejorative directed at men.
"Dude, check out the douche bag in the cable knit scarf drinking the Mich Ultra."
by batmanuelle December 02, 2010
Complete loser, talks a lot of crap, thinks he knows it all but in fact knows nothing, an inept intefering nuisance
Schooners over there pretends to be an experienced surfer, when, in reality he doesn't surf, what a douche bag
by surfchick69 November 20, 2010
Googling Google = Douchebag
YouTubing Youtube = Douchebag
UrbanDictionarying UrbanDictionary = Douchebag

Etc etc.
I googled google and it came up with a page that just said Douchebag..
by BilleMerkin October 17, 2010

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