exactly like a douche or a douche bag, they irritate my vagina. dont want them even close to it.
Douchebag, she not flirting with others to make you jealous.
by Now February 09, 2012
Tyler Scott Beaty King of the Douches
omfg your such a douche bag because you broke up with a girl because she couldnt hang out for ONE DAY!?!?!
by ex's of tyler scott beaty December 09, 2011
Someone who puts actual information on Urban Dictionary.
A football field is 100 yards long, also I am a douchebag.
by da jew bank October 17, 2011
| dü sh - bag |

1. a feminine hygiene product used for vaginal lavage.

noun (slang)
2. an arrogant male, typically in the second to third decade of life, with an affliction characterized by offensive behavior, often attention-seeking in nature, due to an inflated sense of self-importance.

ORIGIN mid 18th cent (as a noun): via French from Italian doccia
That Scottsdale thirty-thousand dollar millionaire just cut me in line; What a douche bag.
by ACSDORS October 08, 2011
A technical term for adherents of the political philosophy of anarchism.

Specifically useful in reference to those who embrace "anarchism without adjectives," or reject the communist tradition within anarchism.
Wow, did you go to the spokes council last night? What a bunch of douchebags.
by canweriotnow October 06, 2011
A waste of oxygen, a retarded piece of shit who has no brains and is usually the average "pretty boy"
Friend One: Man evan is sooo annoying

Friend two: I know

Friend One: He acts like he's the best, and he is some stupid.
he's he's...

Friend Two : A Douche bag

Friend one: YES!!!!!!
by That wierd walmart guy September 28, 2011
Senator Steven Fielding (of the Australian Senate)
Fielding is such a douche bag!
by AndrewLeCl June 30, 2011

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