Douchebag may refer to:
A device used to administer a douche
A pejorative term for an arrogant or obnoxious person
Most cost accountants
That pocket protector makes you look like a douchebag
by clint342 December 25, 2014
a person who is rude and will make a perfect punching bag when irritated
I need to practice with my douche bag, i need a better punch
by PANDAHlOVER December 17, 2014
Someone not at the extreme point if fucker or motherfucker, but asshole and shit just doesn't make an effect on them, just another insulting name to throw around.
Person: dude I can't believe you cheated on her after just a month. You're such a douchebag

Person: you douchebag, you're always ditching us for that dumbass
by Kezi December 13, 2014
A Douche Bag is typically a person that takes selfies in the mirror with their shirts off, while biting their lip. Their bio usually includes something to do with marijuana, and "bitches". They also think they can get any girl, while talking shit on them. If you have any of the
Douche bag #1- Yo you see that bitch right their? Yeah i bet I could fuck her]

Everyone else- Yeah haha..ha... you sure? You take selfies in the mirror with your shirt off smoking weed.
by JakobeThatIsWhite October 14, 2014
Someone who throws others under the bus. Takes advantage of children. A snake unworthy of walking this earth.
I think I'll be a douchebag today and pretend my kid is mentally retarded.

Don't mind the crimes I am committing; I'm just a douchebag.
by Anon911 October 12, 2014
~A person who, While also being a unfeeling, asshole with an Ego trumping His/Her IQ Tenfold, will mooch Money and Social standing from whoever he comes in contact with.
Person 1: Hey did you hear what Cov did? He broke poor Alyssas Heart!
Person 2: What a Douchebag
by Just.Another.Nothing October 10, 2014
Someone who has gone to the extreme of being a dick head
Fuck the street rat Jon Mozer. He's a complete douchebag.
by Rob Martian September 13, 2014
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