An individual that thinks highly of themselves and wears clothing such as Ed Hardy, Tap Out, Affliction, ripped jeans, flip flops, and anything in that Genre.
That douchebag needs to get a shirt that actually fits.
by SJcuz December 29, 2009
Straight, fashion concious males who over stress about their hair styles and mannerisms particularly around females. Wairing Hollister, Abercrombie, Aeropastale, or American Eagle are all acts of beinga douche bag. Also, rolling up ones sleeves, popping ones collar, wairng sunglasses at night or in the dark, or flipping ones hair are all acts of being a douche bag.
We saw the kid come out of Hollister with two full bags of polos. What a douche bag.

The kid was flipping his hair and not making eye contact while talking to my girlfriend in a douche bag manner.
by Beastoppotimus December 19, 2009
Dumb, unoriginal, self-absorbed pieces of shit with a lame sense of humor. Basically 99% of American males. Stupid sluts love them and treat them like kings, further spawning more douchebagery.
Kanye West and douchebags who think his lyrics are clever.
by blinglong berugata November 25, 2009
a mother fucking jackass that noone likes
Bob- Basharat is such a douchebag
Joe- Why?
Bob- hes just an ass hole for no reason and he has no friends
Joe- true
by wtfsapseudonym? October 21, 2009
A stupid fucking jackass who feels the need to fuck with people who are not their friends.
Did you hear?? Those douchebags Jesse, Nick and Caleb got their asses kicked when they fucked with the wrong guy.
by TangerineSky45 October 14, 2009
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