Someone who posts on an internet message board about how awesome they are and puts everyone else down, and then turns out to be a smacktard with a unibrow who isn't half as cool as he thinks he is.
Man, that crazy homy talks so much crap... he's such a douchebag!
by SD Revenge January 04, 2011
A guy who wears plastic sunglasses and Puma muscle shirts.
Looks at that douche bag. He thinks he walks on water!
by Magneto_1970 December 15, 2010
When a Person loves themself too much and thinks they are the center of the Universe and everyones attention.
Guy being followed by a crowd of people he dosent know while he jokes about people he walks past.
Jake:"MAN!, Did you see Randy? HES LIKE A MAGNET OR SUMTHIN!!!
Joseph:"Man, What a Douche Bag."
by wo7z October 07, 2010
When a person wears a tight ass T-shirt which contains either a dragon, flaming phoenix, a crown, any flashy gold print or all/any combination of these options on your t-shirt.
If your friend is wearing something like this then he is officially a Douche Bag.
Hey babe look at all those Douche bags doing the fist pump with each other.
by Huantwothree March 08, 2010
a man who spikes his hair, pops his collar, and pumps his fist while dancing
Bar tenders with ridiculous nicknames like "Jazz," for instance, who can be found after work hours lurking in corners at other late night bars, wearing dark colors and ordering shots of tequilla, can usually be examples of the phrase "douche bag."
by trouble128 February 02, 2010
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