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nicholas jonas.
nick jonas is such a douche bag.
by areyoucreepin? January 10, 2009
anyone who thinks they are the shit but in reality they are just plain shit.

josh is a douche bag.
by CuteKid10101 August 30, 2008
john mayor
all of the above, john mayor is a douchebag
by bmoten63 April 25, 2010
John Mayer
John Mayer's Playboy interview took douchbaggedness to an all new level. He has surpassed even the former King of DB Kanye. Examples of his douchebaggedness can be seen in his tweets and all interviews he gives.
by nldgirl February 12, 2010
someone who acts like that dumb kid in kindergarden who knocked over your blocks, and spilled apple juice on your blanket at nap-time so it looks like you peed your-self
He reminds me of that douchebag, billy, from kindergarden...
by the magic man nipple September 20, 2009
A jerk; a mean or rude person; An idiot, a dim-witted person; An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth
some who boast a lot so you would say shut up you ''douchebag''
by Boon_RI September 12, 2009
Spencer Pratt. Enough said.
You know you're a douche bag when you want to fight an old guy like Al Roker for dissing your slut of a wife.
by AllehChan June 17, 2009