A douchebag has no imagination or intelligence.

A douchebag copies your ideas, clothing, home style and speech and passes it off as their own after doing that a douchebag lectures you on how to think, dress, decorate and or speak as if he or she didn't steal your identity.

A douchebag eventually reveals him or herself to everyone because you can't fool everyone all of the time.
I can't believe it, that douchebag stole my idea and is pretending its his. Everyone is kissing that douchebags ass because they think his ideas are original and interesting. That douchebag has the nerve to have his wife introduce him as the idea man after stealing everyone's ideas!!
by canobeer February 07, 2010
A man who has an ego bigger than the world. Also can be called motherfucker or asshole. They tend to frequent clubs and try to dance with men's girlfriends.
All the guys on "Jersey Shore" are all douchebags.
by jkloser December 07, 2009
A person who thinks there badass but actually in real life no one likes them. In fact, people talk about them when they're not there, and try their best to stay away from them. They are the type of people who say the most stupid things, which they think are cool. They think they are the shit, but in reality they are douche bags
God, arturo is such a douche bag.
by Cool guy9534343 December 29, 2008
FAKE kids with vagina beards that are obsessive over hacky sacks and previous girlfriends, who also enjoy fooling around with younger immature drug addict little girls that have no lives and think they're wicked cool and that "he's" the shit cuz he's older"
timothy p. thellen "aka timgod" you're such a douche bag!
by xprincesxxxrawrx March 12, 2010
a willfully ignorant person considered to be a waste of sperm thus polluting the environment from their idiot infection.

any irritating, mis-matching information giving individual who is careless and reckless in societal settings.

any given person suffering from shithead syndrome, dickhead disease, moron malignancy, terminal temper, two-faced tremors or any maliciously intended "cognitive blooper".
"So dude/chick told me this and then later changed her story claiming another"

"What a douchebag."

"Dick/Bitch almost hit me on the bike with their truck/car/van."

"What a douchebag."
by Douchebag Annihilator January 02, 2010
A person who is or resembles Kanye West.
That egocentric douchebag has such an inflated sense of his own self worth.
by LizzieDizzie September 18, 2009
Kayne West
Kayne was a douchebag at the VMA's
by brookeeisrad September 15, 2009

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