1) A guy who is full of themselves. An egotist.

2)A party crasher or anyoune else who comes along to spoil a mood.
Hollywood is full of douchebags
by Miskatonic Jack 2 June 24, 2010
1. Arrogant, self-centered, always right.

2. Sleazy, underhanded, scheming, with ulterior motives.
3. Thinks they are good at something they can only perform in a basic manner.
1. Look, I am not going to argue with you about this. You have no idea what my perspective is and to think you do makes you a douchebag.

2. Your wife's former boyfriend who calls after he gets divorced (often for being a douchebag) and then wants to 'catch-up' with her and be your 'friend'.

3. The guy who says he plays guitar and then struggles to choke out 'Smoke on the Water'
by lazysod May 23, 2009
the guy who sits next to me at work
Dave is a douchebag. I want to kick him in the nuts.
by lunchbox207 January 27, 2011
An arrogant, smug college male that speaks like they're god's gift t the world about politics and about how being liberal is smart and awesome. Usually wears clothes that they think expresses "individuality" but in reality only attracts other men. This probably won't get posted because that's how most males are these days and society has gone soft and lost its balls.
...and that's why you're a douche bag
by probablywontgetposted October 24, 2010
A completely self-absorbed tool who is completely oblivious to just how much they really suck. There are several varieties of Douche Bags, all equally deserving of being sodomized with a jack hammer. Some potential identifiers include:

Shitty trucks lifted excessively, often covered in stickers of random "bro-brands," often blasting mainstream rap music

Wearing flip-flops everywhere, even when it's 20 degrees outside

Brightly colored polo shirts (bonus points with a popped collar) usually with some hippy necklace, or a cross even though they only use religion to socialize with pseudochristian bimbos.

Wearing wifebeaters in public, sunglasses at night, stupid baseball caps with the sticker still on it, and excessively using the word bro.

Also Included: Most business majors and people with tribal tattoos.
Everyone knew John was a douche bag as soon as he rolled up in his lifted truck blasting lil wayne, parked halfway on the curb, and got out with a case of keystone light.

If that douche bag quotes family guy one more time, I'm going to use a power sander to wipe that stupid grin of his face.
A term used to describe a specific type of obnoxious, overtly aggressive, insecure, homophobic, or otherwise undesirable young white male, often from the Northeastern or Middle Atlantic region of the United States. This individual is often characterized by one or more of the following traits: Ed Hardy t-shirts, excessively gelled hair, gold chains, barbed wire tattoos enveloping steroid-enhanced biceps, track suits.
Last week at the Shore, I nearly passed out from the suffocating cloud of cologne emanating from this annoying mass of high-fiving douchebags.
by ewk1138 April 19, 2010
One of the lowest of the lows... selfish bastards thinking only about themselves with no concern for others or the consequences of their actions. Possibly one step away from mental retardation, these people seem to make decisions no one can understand. Possibly an evolution issue? The kind of person that makes you shake your head.
Singor was a complete and total douchebag. He borrowed money from his girlfriend to take a holiday with his mistress... not his only mistress.
by spanksme March 23, 2010

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