A person who has little intelligence and who constantly gets on people's nerves of no apparent reason. Typically cares about no one else and is overly confident. Downplays and ridicules others that are superior to himself/herself.

Karen is such a douchebag. She thinks and acts like she's better than Joanthan even though in real life, Jonathan is better and smarter than Karen. Not to mention, her face smells like one too.
by J to the O Jonathan February 26, 2007
Kanye West
To Taylor Swift, I'm Happy for You.
I'mma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the Best Videos of all time! - Kanye West being a Douchebag
by NobodySpecial3wq September 16, 2009
Someone who wears white Oakley sunglasses.
Mitch- "Hey is that guy wearing white oakleys?"

Steve- "Yea man. What a Douchebag!"
by YourNewGod July 05, 2009
A shallow and stupid person, usually male, with an arrogant demeanor and an over inflated ego. Often tries way too hard to be cool and/or funny, but it usually comes off as embarrassing and pathetic. A douche bag will often behave like an asshole in order to get laughs or look cool. But it usually backfires, and causes everyone to think he is just a douchebag, behaving douchey and causing everyone who witnessed it to feel douche chills.
Gene Simmons is a douche bag
by Flurbadurb October 02, 2010
A Canadian named Michael LeNeveu
Oh my god, Michael is such a douchebag
by Young A.V February 07, 2010
1. A personality type that is well-defined by other definitions here

2. Describes a certain look or style, especially when someone dresses in the most tasteless fashion possible.

3. What the vast majority of the guys at my school dressed like at the senior prom.
Wow, look at Tom over there, wearing a backwards-facing baseball cap with his tuxedo. And there's Damon, dressed like a total poser with his gaudy and trashy-looking wannabe-pimp outfit and bling bling. I don't think anyone could look anymore like a douchebag than those two.
by no7orious July 02, 2009
Someone with no sense of what is cool but insists that they do. They constantly crack bad jokes that are insulting and have little humor. Their egos are as big as their over-inflated heads. Their laughter is loud and obnoxious and is usually directed toward their own jokes. They will try to make you feel like scum on the bottom of their foot when in reality they would be lucky to be scum on the bottom of yours. Also a wanna-be preppy sell-out.
Fabec is the biggest douche bag that I know. Also--> God! You're such a douche bag.
by Andy and Dan June 23, 2007

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