Kenneth Krause
Me: I ate a cupcake
Kenneth Krause: you're fat, i'm a douche bag
by nooneyoullfindout October 05, 2012
A male with a crude, inflated, or outrageous sense of masculinity, expressed with displays lacking in imagination or taste.
Dude, enough with the tank tops, spiked hair and fake tan, you look like a douche bag.
by gladtohelpout February 12, 2010
ryan seacrest.

can be used as a noun or as an adjective
P1: "Hey douchebag!"
Ryan Seacrest: "yeah?"

P1: "Hey man you look kinda ryan seacrest"
P2: "are you calling me a douchebag?"
by tylerdurden5123124 October 29, 2009
!. a word used to describe an individual of the male gender who by all outward appearances, tries way too hard either to be cool or to exhibit a particular stereotype, or tries to use a certain hooby to make themselves more attractive to women but does not make any money off of said activity. This includes but is not limited to, bleached hair, surfer hair, tattos, muscle cars, lifted trucks, facial piercings, frequent lies, chest bumping, cock waving,fauhawks, muscle flexing, expensive sunglasses, european cars, Sports jersies, single color outfits, sports apparel, cowboy hats, trucker hats, black eyeliner, bangs covering half the face, tight pants on guys with no ass, skateboarding and sagging.
hey whats up with the guy in the mustang?

Who the guy with the expensive sunglasses and teh frosted tips

yea whats his deal?

i dont know just some fucking douchebag.
by sonofturbo October 07, 2009
1.some asshole who thinks they are hot shit and know everything object used for putang cleaning
1. God look at douche over there he thinks hot shit.
2. Jees i could really use a douche bag.
by douche101 July 18, 2009
a person who has one or more popped collars and thinks it's cool ,closet fag
look at that popped collar douche bag
by yoki karioake July 10, 2009
A Harsh Term For One To Use Upon One's Sister
Mum, the douche bag just tore up my porn,

Oops, sorry mate, i just fucked you're douche bag
by grantyfrajj June 04, 2009
A loser and former best friend named Josh Kearney.
Josh is a big hairy douche bagjosh, everything he does
by Frodo the pug June 01, 2009

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