a man of great prowess and incredible charm who is often crucified by closed minded christian folks who live in a box for being valiant and having his own way in life .. douch bag is usually a guy who kind of resembles some type of mafia member and is the type of guy you want to marry but not date ... the term douchebag bye is used when extreame amounts of jealousy are present
God There he is again and hes with not one but TWO GIRLS!!!!! Uhh I hate that douchebag
by Mes one May 09, 2010
Googling Google = Douchebag
YouTubing Youtube = Douchebag
UrbanDictionarying UrbanDictionary = Douchebag

Etc etc.
I googled google and it came up with a page that just said Douchebag..
by BilleMerkin October 17, 2010
a vagina cleaner, a jerk, jackass, idiot, mean person, asshole, ass whipe, retard, fucktard, dick, dickhead, assjack, anal hole, anus hole, well...you get the point. Anyone who is mean is a douche bag.....
The douche doesn't fall far from the tree.

Guy: Im breaking up with you.
Girl: Your such a fucking douche bag!
Guy: Thanks, i love cleaning vaginas.
by kath14<3 September 07, 2010
Someone who acts like they are the shit, in all reality is not.
Tyler: Dude, i cant come over today.

Nick: Why?

Tyler: My house got hit by a meteor.

Nick: Your a douchebag tyler.
by Foxhead August 21, 2010
Someone who calls a stranger a hillbilly on Facebook while rocking a wifebeater and faux dog tags.
Doesn't that guy on the balcony with the faux dog tags and the wifebeater know that everybody mocks the Jersey Shore? What a douchebag!
by A Newt August 01, 2010
1. A cleaning device that is used for vaginal cleansing
2. Anyone who is a complete a**hole and thinks they are better than everyone else
3. Someone who creates only life-size artwork of themselves on huge canvas, but it looks like crap
4. Richard Cranium aka D*** Head (get it...)
EXAMPLE ONE: Guy1: Why does Nick always paint life-size portraits of himself?
Guy2: I don't know, but they look like S***!

EXAMPLE TWO: Girls that sleep around a lot ie: whores must use a ton of douche bags to keep themselves clean...or at least I hope they do...
by HermDawg2010 May 15, 2010
A feminine product used for cleaning out the female vagina.

Also slang that means something closely related to asshole or shitface.
Why'd you poo on my jacket you douche bag?!

Jenny, my pussy is dirty can you get me my douche bag?
by tookis April 05, 2010
Someone who makes you want to punch them in the face.
Dave Kennedy is a Douche Bag
by Jigga Hacker February 19, 2010

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