a man of great prowess and incredible charm who is often crucified by closed minded christian folks who live in a box for being valiant and having his own way in life .. douch bag is usually a guy who kind of resembles some type of mafia member and is the type of guy you want to marry but not date ... the term douchebag bye is used when extreame amounts of jealousy are present
God There he is again and hes with not one but TWO GIRLS!!!!! Uhh I hate that douchebag
by Mes one May 09, 2010
The ever so helpless, obnoxious, and autistic Russian Nimby, Cock Sucking Bitch Boy, formerly from St. Petersburg and now, oh so inconveniently living in Columbia, MO ruining everyone's well-being, safety, and health. This is due to his incompetent sense of using cool and dangerous toys, a big-ass truck, and the liquid motivation of Fireball Whiskey and other various forms of alcohol, accompanied by his wild Russian dumbass nature and a bit (LOT) rough and rowdy decisions.

konstantin.makarov.35@facebook.com ==> Douchebag 100%
by Konstantin's mom. May 06, 2014
L-O-L Look at Helder lifting weight, he's a total douchebag
Bob- I know right.
by WankyMasterWankingHisDick December 07, 2013
Justin Bieber, one direction, etc... etc...
"dude, you see that guy over there?"
"what you think?"
"what a douchebag .... must be a justin bieber"
by niqua October 17, 2013
Any male, over the age of 15, that wears a baseball cap with the brim still flat, and not properly curved.
That guy is 40, why is he wearing his hat like that?

Because he's a douchebag
by grad98cofc March 22, 2013
Nick Bilton, whose March 10 article in the New York Times managed to explain how to be a digital/electronic douchebag for the audience of the New York Times.
Nick Bilton, of the New York Times, is such an utter douchebag that, in a section of the country and a social class noted for its production of douchebags, he is an instructor of others in how to extend douchebaggery to the digital realm.
by old lang guy March 20, 2013
Being past the levels of jerk and asshole but below fucker and mother fucker.
Brhi:Chloe, Conor's a complete Douchébag. He's a know-it-all just forget him.
by Jayy~Sky November 01, 2012
exactly like a douche or a douche bag, they irritate my vagina. dont want them even close to it.
Douchebag, she not flirting with others to make you jealous.
by Now February 09, 2012
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